Science, Data, and the Pro-Vaccine Culture Machine Implosion

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The Pro-Immunization Culture That Has Been Fed Misinformation is Not Beneficial to Health OR Public Safety

Vaccines are a for-profit industry. They are marketed with fear mongering about diseases to the point of advocating for FORCED vaccinations. This, combined with disregard for public health by our government regulators and many health professionals regarding the risk of death or injury from the vaccines, has created the "Anti-Vax" movement. This link below is a PDF download from the FDA and the makers of "FluMist", the live nasal flu vaccine. It's 26 pages. It includes clinical trials and studies appearing to conclude that it was only 44% effective overall, with flu symptoms increased in those vaccinated vs placebo. Also, a double blind study on children in a daycare is included, in which about half were given the flu vaccine. It was concluded that several children caught the flu from the children who received the vaccine. The vaccinated shed live flu strains for up to 28 days after it is given. So many indictments of themselves, that is just a couple. It is an admission through the package insert that it isn't very effective, and that people can catch the flu from vaccinated people.  When the hype about the flu being dangerous is contrasted with facts, they speak for themselves. I wonder how long the live MMR vaccine is shed? I doubt there will be any clinical or official studies from MMR vaccine makers to show it's transmitted through the vaccinated populations, because that would undermine the pharmaceutical industry and government's purpose to vaccinate everyone, no matter what the true health consequences are. The Human Rights Council of the United Nations is being petitioned by Americans and other countries like Serbia to eliminate forced vaccines. To stand against Big Pharma means to stand against risky and unnecessary vaccines!
LINK: PDF Document

Knowledge about "Measles Mary", and the little publicized phenomenon of the MMR vaccine causing measles and mumps is eye opening.
LINK: http://news.sciencemag.org/health/2014/04/measles-outbreak-traced-fully-vaccinated-patient-first-time

Between 1987-2000, there were 67,032 reported cases of measles. The most common complications were ear infections (7.3%) and diarrhea (8.2%). Of the 67,032 people with measles, 97 had swelling in the brain (.1%) and 177 (.3%) died from the disease. Since 2005, 108 people have supposedly died from the MMR vaccine.

Canadian media admits that flu shots may do more harm than good: 
"During the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, researchers at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control originally thought seasonal flu shots from 2008 might offer extra protection against the new pandemic strain. They were puzzled to find instead, seasonal flu vaccination almost doubled the risk of infection with pandemic flu."
Live vaccines like the flushot are found to be unnecessary and dangerous according to an increasing number of researchers and health professionals that are speaking out. There is evidence that the vaccines increase risks of spreading disease rather than preventing it:

Vaccine injury settlements include compensation for autism related complications, billions have been paid to families of loved ones injured or killed by vaccines:

Forced Vaccines

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There are documented allegations of medical, biological and chemical warfare experiments by the U.S. government performed on the public without knowledge and/or consent for over 100 years. Certain groups including the poor, minorities, the mentally ill, prisoners, and children most often as test subjects indicate government labels of worthlessness of it's people. Who was "worthy enough" to be excluded in the malicious experiments were by it's own set of terms. Forced vaccinations don't discriminate based on gender, income bracket, or color of skin. The forced medical experiment and harm is meant for all:

In 2007, alleged forced vaccinations occurred. Children were lined up at a Maryland courthouse and given shots, assembly line style. Parents were given a court summons, threats of jail time or DCFS taking away their children, and daily fines. Media and concerned advocates were kept behind barricades. Armed personnel and attack dogs kept the victims and general public of this incident compliant. "Gunpoint Medicine" is not in the best interest of a democracy or it's people! This was about government taking total control over it's people, and claiming it was for the greater good. It had nothing to do with public health. Public health for a greater good would include social justice opportunities for all for safe medicine practices. Civil rights in regards to individual or family health care and decision making should not be infringed upon by any for-profit industry merely concerned about quotas, money, and oligarchy. This is such an undemocratic abuse of power, I admit I question if it's a genuine incident:

The CDC is moving away from needles for shots, and towards stickers for vaccines. I believe a resistant public and government mandates are setting the stage for forced vaccines as simple as sticking a sticker on an unwilling subject. 

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Below is an example of a document to get a doctor to sign before giving immunizations, but legally they would be unable to sign it without opening themselves up to a malpractice suit: 

"I certify that the (Name of Vaccine)______ vaccine being administered to (Name of Child)_______ is free from all known and yet unknown zoonotic or human viruses or viral fragments and will not cause acute or chronic illness in the recipient due to viral contamination or as a reaction to the components of this vaccine. (Signature of Physician and Date)_________." (From http://vaclib.org)

 A UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE TO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS, including petitions and a treasure chest of reliable information about vaccines: