Animating With Drawings

Today was exploration with various experiments making .GIF animation files from my drawings and photos while loving this cooler weather and several quiet days. Instead of laying in a hammock however, I have been doing trial and error with freeware and file converting. While trying to learn the ropes that so many others do, I have discovered that I am not very tech savvy with embedding HTML or dealing with shockwave/flash files. Making .GIF animations out of my drawings and photos was a load of fun once I got a feel for it though. Very thrilling to see what they may turn into once looped together- like dripping paint down a canvas. Whatever the paint chooses to do, it will do. The nice thing about a computer is you can always delete it- unlike on a canvas with paint or colored pencils. Sometimes my web and graphic design mistakes as well as my lack of formal education of either are a big win I've decided!

-Small decorative icons and grass in picture courtesy of FotoRus

The possibilities are endless really.
My obsession with making several copies of the same drawing once I scan it and making each a slightly different hue just to play with it is even more of a curiosity to me now. I make my color palettes through Picasa already and have plenty on hand to loop together if I get the urge...I also found out during this search for freeware photo/video editors and design programs that not all photo "stickers" are absolutely horrible! Please note my surrealistic rendition of them above on my snapshot of the GIF files on Tumblr to prove it! 

Please visit for more GIF images. I have been keeping them there like my personal online scrapbook.